How to Choose Names for Magic and Spells

Have you been looking for a name for your new spell? Have you been trying to use the perfect word or phrase to cast your magic, but nothing seems quite right? This article is here to help! We will explore some key points that should be considered before choosing the perfect name.

What to Consider When Picking a Name for a Spell

The first point is how much power do you want this spell to have? If it has a lot of power, then it may be best not to choose something simply because simplicity could make it easy for someone else who knows about magic and spells to counter.

On the other hand, if the spell only needs a small amount of power then one can consider using an easier-to-pronounce word. The second point is what type of language are you going with? If you want to go with more obscure languages like Enochian, then it is probably best not to use something very common. Additionally, if you are using another language then try to include some kind of translation for those that may not know your source material.

The next point is how specifically do you need the name to be? If you are simply trying to cast a quick spell and don’t need anything too descriptive, then one could consider using onomatopoeia. On the other hand, if you want something very specific or unique, it’s probably best for this purpose that you don’t use onomatopoeia because too much sound similarity would be confusing.

This leads into our fourth point which is the level of meaning behind the name. If you need something to be descriptive and specific, it’s best if the word has a lot of meaning behind it (Enochian is great for this). On the other hand, words with less meaning can still work but you would have to spend more time coming up with just the right concoction.

The final point we’re going to talk about deals with intangibles in your spell that may or may not exist. When a caster does a spell there are usually some vague conditions that must be met in order for their magic to successfully take effect.

This means that when creating an incantation, one should consider all possible contingencies so nothing will go wrong during its casting. In addition, one must also remember who might oppose the spell. This could be something as simple as a rival mage or something more complex like an angel.

The point is that one should consider all possible situations before they cast their magic because once the incantation has been said, there is no way to go back and fix it.

Choosing The Perfect Name

If you think about it, every incantation tells a story in some kind of way. And if this is true, then each story should have its own unique word choice, right? Well…not necessarily. How many times have you heard people quote movies or television shows verbatim? If you want your spells to be memorable and make sense over time, then try not to quote from books, films, or TV shows, especially ones that are famous. This is because if you quote something famous then everyone will be able to say it and there would be no point of uniqueness.

Another thing you should avoid when coming up with incantations is using real-life names. If a mage casts a spell on someone named Alice, but the person’s actual name is Bob, then the spell wouldn’t affect them whatsoever. This is both obvious and problematic because the caster could hurt themselves by accident! Now this may sound like common sense to some readers, but people make mistakes all of the time, so it’s best to keep this in mind at all times when casting any type of magic spells or rituals.

Now that we have covered some key points that you should consider, let’s take a look at some names that could work well for you! Keep in mind though, this is not an exhaustive list and you are certainly allowed to come up with your own names if these suggestions don’t fit with your magical style.

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