What are Some Popular Robot Names?

Robots are the new kids on the block. They’ve been around for a long time, but up until recently, they were used solely in industrial and military settings. Nowadays robots can be found in factories, libraries, hospitals and even on our roads!

It’s impossible to count all the robots that exist today – there are many different types of robots including surgical bots, self-driving cars, and Kirobo who was sent to space with a Japanese astronaut in 2013. These days you might not realize when you’re interacting with a robot because robots have infiltrated every aspect of society from retail to transportation.

This article will explore some of the most interesting robot names – SURGEON, HERB, KIROBO, and more!

SURGEON is a surgical robot used to carry out medical procedures like inserting catheters and performing minimally invasive surgeries (surgeries done through a small opening instead of one big cut) to reduce pain and recovery time for patients.

HERB is an autonomous robot that can identify, pick up and dispose of weeds in your garden.

KIROBO, whose name stands for Kibo Robot Project, was sent up to space with a Japanese astronaut in 2013. It plays 20 different games to help teach children about space travel! He even chats with them directly via Twitter!

SENTRY is the name given to the bots used at military posts to monitor security cameras 24/7. When they detect activity they alert soldiers immediately so they can respond quickly if there’s any danger!

The Mars Rover can be found on the red planet as it travels around looking for signs of alien life. The idea that intelligent life may live beneath the Martian surface has inspired many people to write poems and songs about going to Mars so we can meet any little green men who might be living there!

T-1000 in The Terminator movie is a shape-shifting robot made of liquid metal. It was sent back in time to kill John Connor before he could lead humanity to victory in the war against the machines which are trying to destroy us!

PAPRI is an acronym for Parc Androbots Project for Research into Independent Living, is a rehabilitation center for patients with physical disabilities. The machines help patients regain strength after an accident or surgery by using resistance instead of force to make them feel like they are lifting something heavy.

PALRO is an autonomous bot that can be found at supermarkets scanning shelves for out-of-stock items and pricing mistakes, which ensures you get the correct price!

These are just some examples of robot names out there – by the time you read this, there will probably be even more! Now that robots have infiltrated every aspect of society, make sure to keep an eye out. You might not realize when you’re interacting with one!

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