What are the Robots in Doctor Who Called?

The robots in Doctor Who are called Daleks. They are described as robotic creatures that were originally created for the purpose of protecting other life forms from their creator, the Doctor. But eventually, they developed and built their own society and became a force to be reckoned with. The Daleks have no gender and cannot reproduce. They were wiped out in an alternate timeline by Rose Tyler’s father when she was born, but they still exist in the normal timeline.

The metallic, sinister voice is most likely a Dalek actor speaking into a microphone. The word “Exterminate” is like an official command word for the Daleks and they use it to kill humans and silence any opposition. They also have robot tanks called Dalek scouts which will shoot at people with lasers.

These robots do not have The Doctor’s name and usually call him “the Predator”. Their own race is called the Dalek race and they rule an empire of several million planets. They also build spaceships that travel at warp speed, but there are no ships for them to use in this episode.

There were several models of Daleks over time, but the most common design was made up of an outer shell (which included their gun, plunger, and eyestalk), a seat for the operator to sit in, and a large plunger-shaped stick which could be used as either an arm or a weapon.

It is also interesting to note that there were other kinds of robots out there in the Doctor Who universe.

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